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Urabandai is one of the three largest wild bird habitats in Japan. You can see a wide variety of wild birds.
In addition to mountain birds, you can watch waterside birds thanks to numerous scattering lakes and ponds.

Countless of wild birds come here, such as the narcissus flycatcher, blue-and-white flycatcher, willow tit, coal tit, Japanese robin, common cuckoo, Eurasian siskin, long-tailed rosefinch, waxwing, Japanese grosbeak, swan, mallard, Eurasian wigeon, ruddy kingfisher, great spotted woodpecker, Japanese green woodpecker, little grebe, Japanese tit, etc.
Rengenuma Pond, Nakasenuma Pond, and Goshikinuma Ponds are recommended.

Accommodations recommended for bird watching

Some of the guides in Urabandai have a detailed knowledge of wild birds, and one of them owns a pension.
They tell you key points in taking good photos.

Resort Inn Michinoku
Pension Tomo