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Personal information protection


The official website of Urabandai Tourist Association is fully aware of the significance of your privacy and personal information (hereinafter “Personal Information”). The website also pays the most attention to its protection.

Your personal information means the information transmitted in using any service of this website, which can identify you in person, such as your address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, taste, etc.

Collection of personal information

The purpose of collecting personal information on this website is to provide more convenient services for customers.
Personal information shall be minimally collected.

Personal information shall be always collected from the information input page. In principle, we shall not collect your personal information without your prior consent.
You may refrain from offering any information at your discretion when you do not want to provide any personal information for this Association.
According to services, however, providing your personal information is a condition to use the service.

Use and disclosure of your personal information

The Association may aggregate and analyze part of your personal information so as to prepare general statistical data to be uploaded on its website for the purpose of providing a variety of services for customers.
In this case, the information which can identify you in person shall be eliminated, and it shall be treated as completely anonymized information.
The Association shall use and/or disclose the personal information you provided only when any of the following event is applicable:

1. When it is disclosed to the party required for fulfillment of the Association’s services;
2. When it is disclosed under the condition that you cannot be identified in person;
3. With your consent;
4. When the information must be disclosed to the competent party based on the law; or
5. When it is necessary to protect the Association’s right and/or property, or the user’s right, property and/or life.

Inquiry/change/deletion of your private information

The Association shall provide the latest private information you provided when you have made a query about your information.
The Association shall promptly respond to your request that your private information should be changed and/or deleted.

Use of IP addresses

The Association shall use the access logs of your IP address recorded with its web server for the following purposes:
You cannot be identified in person with your IP address.

1. To analyze the troubles caused on the server; and
2. To manage the website.

Use of cookies

The website of the Association may use cookies.
Cookie is a small chunk of data transmitted to your computer from the website.
The data may be stored as a file in your PC.
On this website, cookies are used to prevent your inconvenience of receiving repeated logon requests made every time you move onto another page when you have visited this site.
By setting your browser, you can designate the acceptance or refusal of the transmitted cookies.

Urabandai Tourist Association
1093-1055 Aza Kengamine, Ooaza Hibara, Kitashiobara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 969-2701 Japan
Phone:(0241)32-2349 Fax:(0241)32-3333

Links to the outside of this website

Other websites and services linked from this website are operated under their own personal information provisions and policies that are different from this website.

This website shall not guarantee the security of your personal information you provide on these linked websites.
This website shall not assume any obligations or responsibilities for such personal information your provided.


The copyrights of all contents included in this website shall belong to Urabandai Tourist Association (hereinafter “the Association”).
However, the copyrights of individual images shall belong to their owners.
When you use any of the contents, please obtain permission from the Association in advance (written permission).
Alteration, diversion, distribution to a third party, and/or sale of any contents without prior permission shall be prohibited.