It is small as a lake in Urabandai, but surrounded by forests, it is a beautiful and popular lake from anywhere.

Because of the lake had created by the eruption, small islands are scattered in the lake and add accents to the picture scenery.

From the north side, the view of Mt. Bandai through the lake, and the cool air in the plateau makes me feel comfortable on my skin. (the cool fresh air which goes through your body us comfortable)
When you stay at a lake-side accommodation, you can enjoy a refreshing resort of the highlands on the terrace while feeling a refreshing wind during the day. There are lots of attractions such as cafe, sweets shop, herb garden, etc. in the vicinity of Lake Sahara, it is a highly recommended place where you want to take a stroll by all means. (in a hidden area)
In the back (north area) of Lake Sohara, “Lakewood area”, there are unique pensions gathering and fun to choose your accommodation.

Partially freezing in winter, but partial melting ice in the time of melting snow season is like a painting of beautiful figure of the spring.





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