3000 Ooyama cherry blossoms bloom.

In Urabandai, spring comes late. On the Sakuraga Ridge, as many as 3000 Ooyama cherry blossoms bloom around the Golden Week holidays (late April to early May).


To celebrate the birth of Aiko (Princess Toshi) in 2001, the following year, 2001 Oyama cherry blossoms were planted in her honour. After that, additional trees were planted to commemorate exchanges between Suginami Ward in Tokyo and New Zealand. The trees now number about 3,000.
By comparison, Tokyo’s Chidorigafuchi Moat on the western side of the Imperial Palace has about 260 trees, and along Meguro River in Tokyo there are about 800 trees.

After overcoming the harsh winter, hardy Oyama cherry blossoms grow vigourously, and Sakura Ridge’s popularity as a place to view cherry blossoms increases each year. Oyama cherry blossoms are a much darker pink than Someiyoshino cherry blossoms which bloom in the city. Flowering time is characterised by leaves growing together with flowers.


■Best time to see it: from late April to early May




・ラビスパ裏磐梯 駐車場



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