The Nakatsugawa stream originates in the valley and flows into Lake Akimoto. Along the way, there are waterfalls, rapids, great cliffs, and virgin forests for about 10 kilometres, and these give the place an air of mystery.
The valley was carved by the flow of the river, and has a light grey rocky surface. The landscape, with its clear flowing water, is a splendid place.

Both the fresh green of summer and the autumn leaves are spectacular. 夏は体感温度が変わる随一の避暑地となる。You can see the whole scene from the top of the bridge, or you can go down from the promenade to the valley. It is definitely recommended that you go down and take a stroll along the river bank.
The autumn season is famous, but in fact, spring is also very beautiful. You can see a melange of colours ranging from wild cherry blossoms blooming on both sides of the valley, fresh white snow, new greens and the pinks of the cherry blossoms. Martens busily come and go under the bridge when it’s time to make nests.
The “Lake Line” is closed in winter, but is a recommended route in the other seasons.

Nakatsugawa Valley Walking Trail

You can walk down the stairs from the entrance beside Nakatsugawa Rest House to the valley. It takes about 15 minutes on foot. Please note that the stairs are rather steep.

■Duration: Approximately 15 minutes ~ 20 minutes (one way)
■Difficulty: Beginner




・中津川渓谷レストハウス 駐車場


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