The path to the mysterious shrine appears only from winter to spring.

In 1888 when Mount Bandai erupted, many settlements sank to the bottom of Lake Hibara.
Luckily Oyamazumi Shrine escaped being submerged and to this day it still stands quietly beside the lake. However, the approach road and the torii gate have sunk.
In the summertime you can see the torii gate by motorboat on Lake Hibara.

In winter, however, the water level drops, and only the upper part of the submerged torii gate is visible on the frozen surface of the lake.
You can see the roots of the trees planted along the approach road. Only in winter does the old approach to the shrine appear on the surface of the lake.
In winter, the water level is five to six metres below the highest level.

This torii gate can be seen only during winter when the lake is frozen, until the melting snow season (early spring).

Although it is in a location that is difficult to access, it is a power spot that many visitors like to visit.