There are three tourist information centres in Urabandai.


Urabandai Visitor Centre


This visitor centre provides an introduction and information about nature in Urabandai.

Urabandai Visitor Centre is located at the eastern entrance of the Goshikinuma Pond trail. It was opened in April 2003 to make it easier for visitors to have more interest in nature and to enjoy nature more.

Please visit before and after your walk.

In the visitor centre, rainboots are available for rental in the “green season” and snowshoes are available in winter.


Floor guide

◇Information corner

The staff will provide guidance and answer any questions you may have about the trekking trails, seasonal plants and animals, etc.

◇Trekking Trail Information Corner

This corner provides information about nature which the staff have collected during their walks along the 23 of trekking trails of Urabandai.

◇Urabandai Through the Ages

The formation of Urabandai’s topography and the resulting changes in flora and fauna. In this diorama, you can compare the situation before and after the Bandai eruption in 1888.


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Opening hours

Summer season:9 am – 5 pm (1 April to 31 November)
Winter season:9 am – 4 pm (1 December to 31 March)

Closed days

Closed on Tuesdays (except when the Tuesday is a national holiday, in which case it will close on the next day [Wednesday])
New year holiday (usually 29 December to 3 January)

The centre is not closed during Golden Week and school summer holidays (middle of July to 31 August)

Entrance fee




Parking and public toilets are available

Parking and public toilets are open 24 hours and are free of charge.

Facility services

There are four coin lockers available only during operating hours. Overnight storage is not permitted. Lockers are ¥200 each.
Wheelchair rental is available free of charge.


1093 Kengamine, Hibara, Kitashiobara, Fukushima 969-2701



Urabandai Visitor Centre

Tel. 0241-32-2850



Urabandai Sight Station

This facility is for trekking information guidance and for use as a rest stop.

It is close to the Rengenuma Pond and Nakasenuma Ponds trail and in front of the station is a great place to take photos of the magnificent view of Mount Bandai.

Please feel free to use the tables and benches in the garden or inside the building for lunch or just a rest.
There is an observation room on the upper floor, and on the ground floor is a souvenir shop, café, vending machine, and photograph exhibition room.

Snowshoe rental is available in winter.



Opening hours

9 am – 5 pm (April to October)
9 am – 4 pm (November to March)

Closed days

Closed on Wednesday (except when the Wednesday is a national holiday, in which case it will close on the next day [Thursday].) The centre does not close during the summer school holidays and in October.

Closed over the new year period (29 December to 3 January)

Entrance fee

Free of charge
(Please make a donation for toilet)


1092-65 Onogawahara, Hibara, Kitashiobara, Fukushima 969-2701


A request to visitors

Bring take your garbage with you. Please do not leave it at the facility.

Because Urabandai is part of a national park, fires are not permitted. The only exception is in designated camp grounds.

Pets are not permitted in Urabandai Sight Station. However, guide dogs and service dogs are permitted.

Please refrain from painting or drawing pictures with crayon in Urabandai Sight Station.

Regarding the use of the toilets

Please make a donation when you use the toilet. Suggested donation: ¥100.

Donations are used for the following purposes:

Maintenance of station and the toilet sewage disposal;
Maintenance of the trails, such as cleaning, cutting the grass, and the removal of the fallen or damaged trees; and reparing.
Conserving nature in the national park (clean-up movements, nature conservation movements)



Urabandai Sight Station

Tel. 0241-32-2411


Urabandai Tourist Information Centre

We provide information on the activities in each season, sightseeing information, and accommodation and restaurant information.

Urabandai Tourist Information Centre tries to provide information on which accommodations will best meet your specific interests, whether it’s for photographer-guided tours, where you can get a good French meal, suitable places for ice fishing, or which is best suited for bird lovers.



Opening hours

9 am – 5 pm

Closed days

This centre is open year-round.

There is a parking lot and toilet facilities.

They are free of charge.

Facility service

You can obtain sightseeing brochures, sightseeing information, and accommodation information.


1093-1055 Kengamine, Hibara, Kitashiobara, Fukushima 969-2701

* Urabandai Tourist Information Centre moved to this site in May 2018



Urabandai Tourism Association

Tel. 0241-32-2349