Guide Organizer List

■Urabandai Eco Guide Party

Many members are qualified Fukushima Prefecture Tourist Guides, and are a collective group of professionals familiar with nature in Urabandai. We choose which guide to send according to the request of the customer. Guides can provide tours which cater to specific needs such as slower paced tours for seniors or barrier-free tours.
Tel. 050-7540-0191

■Mokumoku Nature School
They are a school with more than 15 guides who have extensive knowledge of Urabandai. Extensive support from nature observation to outdoor sports.
Tel. 0241-23-9018

■Natural Biz

A nature school that carries out an ecotour program in the Urabandai and Inawashiro areas. It is good for pre-school children wanting to discover river play, canoeing on Lake Inawashiro, and eco tours to form a new perspective. Have a relaxing quality time and experience.
Tel. 0241-32-3477

■Outdoor Sports Club Baccs

With the concept of an “outdoor sports club” in the Urabandai highlands, we provide mainly canoe touring in Lake Hibara and snowshoe trekking. We offer guided rentals for bass fishing, canoeing and snowshoe trekking.
Tel. 0241-32-3039