Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is very popular in the lakes of the Urabandai highlands. Many people from all over Japan come to Urabandai in the hopes of getting a good catch of bass in a beautiful location.
There are lots of inns where provide a fishing experience and fishing schools. It is prohibited to remove bass, and there are places where fishing is prohibited, so please check locations in advance.

Wakasagi Fishing (Ice fishing for smelt fish)

The ice fishing ban is lifted from November, so from 1 November to late December fishing can be done in a houseboat or dome ship. From the middle of January to the end of March, when the thick ice freezes on the surface of the lake, you can enjoy fishing via a hole on the lake. Rental of the full package includes a fishing pole so you don’t have to do anything to prepare!

There are also fishing shops which will cook your fish or you can book a private room to eat in so please find a fishing shop that suits you. The scenery of the winter lake is made very colourful by the scattered ice fishing tents.

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