Opened in Summer 2018!

A complex water resort facility consisting of two areas, “Ground Area” and “Water Area”.

■Ground area
・BBQ with steak served on a special grill
・You can reserve a private wooden deck.
・There is a hammock located in the shade of a huge tree.
・Experience catching iwana (Japanese char fish) by hand.
・Sit around a bonfire while enjoying the night bar.

■Water area
・Water terrace
・Big slider
・Water attraction – the “Floating area”
・Wake surfing
・Private sunset cruise
・Stand up paddle (SUP) boat (10 people SUP is also available!)
・Rowing boat

[Enjoy eating! Steak BBQ]
・Eating good quality steak barbecue grilled on a special grill.
・Extra thick sausages
・Unlimited Aizu rice is served
・A lot of soft drinks and alcohol are available
・A seasonal menu is available.


Urabandai Water Park
Tel. 0241-32-3477