I suppose there are many people who do not know the place “Urabandai”.

There are not many customers from overseas yet. But there is a famous sightseeing spot in Japan. In other words, there is an unexplored area for tourists over the world.

It is at least 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo. Urabandai is “Lake District of Japan” where hundreds of lakes and marshes are scattered in large and small sizes. 
The region boasts mysterious wetlands and clear streams.


The best attraction is “Goshikinuma Ponds”


Goshikinuma Ponds has a 1-Star rating in the Michelin Green Guide of 2016. Aonuma in particular has such a beautiful colour that it cannot be thought of as something created by nature.

Urabandai has abundant tourist resources that satisfy your trip.
Welcome to Urabandai, Lake district of Japan.



Constitution of Urabandai

On the 15 of July, 1888, the great explosion of Mount Bandai led to the creation of a rough crater wall on the north side of Urabandai, and the cessation of the river due to the rock avalanches that flowed down at this time led to the creation of the Urabandai lake group, including Lake Hibara and Goshinuma. 

The river was dammed up, and the area’s biggest lake, Lake Hibara, was born. It took approximately two years after the eruption to become a big lake.


In Urabandai one can feel the splendour of nature.

One visitor said, “Wherever you take a picture, the scenery that you see with your own eyes is completely different from what you feel in photos.” Over 130 years after the eruption, the power that nature has regenerated has become more and more abundant and spectacular.

In addition to what you experience of the topography and bare rock, various animals and plants live in Urabandai.

Wildlife is rarely seen during the day, but in winter the footprints of animals remain on the snow at dawn, and you will experience the symbiosis not only in the forest, but also in front of the sidewalks and houses. Also, Urabandai is recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by international standards. There are many kinds of wild birds because of various habitats from the waterside to the sub-alpine zone. Thanks to the abundance of nature, there is much to experience in the greener seasons as well as winter.


Urabandai is the perfect place for people who like to get back to nature. If you’re more of a city person who doesn’t make it out to the countryside very often, we hope that you’ll consider Urabandai for those few times that you do.