The view from Nakasenuma Observatory is the highlight of this course, and it is also the view which is used to represent Urabandai.
From the observation deck you can see Nakasenuma Pond which was created by the eruption, and the rough figure of Mount Bandai itself.
It is also suitable for bird watching, and you can spot kibitaki (Narcissus flycatcher) and ooruri (blue-and-white flycatcher) in spring; and hear the twitter of hoojiro (meadow bunting) and aoji (ortolan) in the early summer.
Along the course, there many scattered hills formed from mudflow from the Mount Bandai eruption, and you can feel close the trace of the Mt. Bandai eruptions.

It is adjacent to the Rengenuma Pond trail.

■Total length: about 1.2 km
■Duration: About 15 minutes from each entrance to the observation deck (one way)
■Difficulty: Beginner


■By car:
Use the Urabandai Sight Station parking lot or the parking lot at the entrance of the Nakasenuma Pond trail.


・中瀬沼探勝路 駐車場


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