Nakasenuma observatory is the prime viewing spot for Urabandai.

It takes around 30 minutes to walk around Rengenuma Pond clockwise or counterclockwise along the Nakasenuma Pond Walking Tail after parking your car at the site station.

You’re not likely to go in the wrong direction if you follow the guide boards on the way. Along the path leading to the observatory, there are rare alpine plants, and many trees and grasses native to Urabandai.

As you approach the end of the well-maintained trail, it will start to go a little uphill, and then suddenly you will see a beautiful lake and forest, like a miniature garden in Nakasenuma, before your eyes.
A magnificent Mount Bandai appears in the background, and one becomes lost for words at the breath-taking beauty. It is the best view in Japan.

It is approximately 15 minutes from the Nakase Nakasenuma trail entrance to the observation deck.

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