Lake Akimoto, Lake Onogawa, Lake Hibara and larch forests form the scenery of the Lake Line.
You can experience the Lakeline in spring, summer when the fresh green is shining, and during the changing of the leaves in autumn.

Along the way, Nakatsugawa Valley provides a great scenic point where photographers from in and around Fukushima gather. 
The promenade and toilets at Nakatsugawa Rest House are well maintained to ensure you have a comfortable visit.

Transit Period

Accessible from the middle of April to the middle of November. It is closed in winter.

Even during the opening months, there is a possibility of road closure at night (5 pm – 7 am) if, for example, there is a possibility of ice on the road surface.
Please be sure to check the opening times as they may change due to the condition of the road surface.



For more information / inquiries

Inawashiro Civil Engineering Office (Fukushima Prefecture)
Tel. 0242-62-3102