A course leading to the large waterfall that has a falling height of 25 metres.
There are steep stone stairs with about 140 steps in the middle of the course, and when you reach the top you will see a small road that trucks used for wood transportation.
As you pass through the forest, you will see the outstanding Onogawa Fudotaki Waterfall.
In the forest surrounding the trail, there are a lot of mizunara (Mongolian oak), tochi (Japanese horse chestnut), and shinanoki (Japanese linden) and it is also a habitat for wild birds such as ooruri (blue-and-white flycatcher) and koruri (Siberian blue robin).

* For winter explorations, please go with on a guided snowshoe tour.

■Total length of the course: about 1 km
■Duration: approximately 30 minutes
■Height difference: 70 m
■Difficulty: Beginner









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